Psychiatry for Adults & Geriatrics


Dr Cowan enjoys meeting patients and families and engaging with community groups. Her mission is to improve the quality of life for patients with complicated Neurological or Psychiatric illnesses, always taking time to listen and understand, allowing her to formulate strategies to improve health.

Specialized Psychiatry

Adult & Geriatric Psychiatry, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease therapy and treatment modalities.

Geriatric psychiatry is the understanding, prevention, and treatment of mental disorders in elderly persons. Dr. Cowan offers her patients high-quality clinical treatment in a comfortable, and safe environment. Dr. Cowan is experienced in determining when medication or psychotherapy, or both are the appropriate treatment protocols for the needs of each individual patient.

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General Adult Psychiatry

Services and support for all adult individuals seeking behavioral health and wellness treatments.

Providing treatments using a combination of Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy for troubling emotional symptoms such as, Panic, Obsessive Compulsive, Post-Traumatic Stress, Adult Attention Deficit, Dysthymia (chronic low grade depression), Major depression and Bipolar disorders before they become worse or cause greater problems.

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Services Include

  • Full Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Neuropsychiatric Evaluations
  • Medication Management to include psychotherapy
  • Consultations for complicated Medical illnesses with behavioral symptoms
  • Guardianship Evaluations
  • Family Education and treatment planning sessions
  • Geriatric Placement Evaluations and treatment if needed
  • Hospice and Palliative Care consultations